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tv   ABC7 News 1100AM  ABC  January 8, 2015 11:00am-11:31am PST

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to help, sleep train is collecting pajamas for foster children, big and small. bring your gift to any sleep train and help make a foster child's night a little cozier. not everyone can be a foster parent but anyone can help a foster child. abc7 news begins with breaking news. >> i want did come home. i want to come home to the state that i love so much california. >> senator boxer make as huge announcement in a most unconventional way this morning, announcing through this video that her storied political career is ending. >> good morning, i am eric thomas. >> i am kristen sze. >> fur term united states senator boxer will not run for re-election next year. >> the 74-year-old democrat from california released the announcement in a veto interview with her grandson.
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>> are you retiring? >> i will never retire. the work is too permit but i will not run for the senate in 2016. >> the video was posted on her pac for change website saying she has long list of thing she still wanted to accomplish but after three decades in washington it is time to come home. >> i will continue to work on the issues i love and i will have more time to help other people through my pack for change community and i have to make sure the senate seat stays progressive that is so critical. i want to help our democratic canidate for president make history. >> senator boxer will speak with credentialed reporters this morning about her decision to leave capitol hill. >> from her family to her checks, tote jays and constituents reaction to her soon-to-be retirement is pouring in. now to amy hollyfield in oakland. you talked with her son, amy?
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>> i d he called this bittersweet but more sweet than bitter. he says that this has been a while wind of a morning with e-mails and calls pouring in from across the country and he says the family has been key in all of this. it was actually doug's idea to have his mom and nephew make the video to announce the decision saying he talked to his mom today and she is extremely happy and confident if her decision. i want to sure two parts of the interview. first, i asked him about his million or what he is most proud of but, first, i want you to hear him talk about how the family was involved in this decision. >> she asked us what we thought. we thought it would be great to have you home, you are 74 and it is time to come home and spend the rest of your working life here in california and be with floor family. >> what makes me most proud is
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coming from a daughter of immigrants on one side of the family and working to the united states senate at the time that she did. really it is special. >> doug boxer said the family was always getting asked by friends and families and reporters about his mother's plans and now 2015 is here and it was time to say something. i asked about the successor and he would not say who he would like to see but feels good about the next senator because california has a deep-seated love for the democratic side. >> she became a senator in 1993 at the age of 53 and has hell public office since being elected to the marin board of supervisors in 1976. there pcser became the board's first woman president. she served for six years before
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being elected to the house of representatives in 1982 and the senator currently chaired the environment and public works committee and select committee on ethics making her the only senator me siding over two committees simultaneously. >> boxer senate colleague feinstein released a statement noting that her work on the fight against global warming reading in part "it has been unhill battle but today we see the success barbara has had on make climate change a priority for americans." health minority leader pelosi fund out about the announcement while speaking at a news conference on capitol hill. >> she has reaches across the aisle she has reached across our state which is a glorious state and her leaving will be a great loss to the congress of the united states, the people of california and our country. >> she reveal boxer call her before the conference and thought she wanted it have dinner.
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>> east bay congressman had nothing but admiration if boxer. his statement reads "i'm grateful for strong leadership and look forward to working with her on issues important to california." her legacy will burn on for generations to come. another possible candidate if her seat, lt. governor knew he "she was a champion for women and children and a first of nature for preserving our natural invite." >> he is one who is talked about a replacement for boxer and other names out there include state attorney general pamela harris, state treasurer and republican neel kashkari who love and even that first lady michelle obama could be interested and some supporters of president obama hoped mrs. obama would run if the seat
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senator feinstein is expected to vacate but it is all speculation at this point. >> right now, university of san francisco professor is with us to talk about boxer's leg casey and possible replacement. thank you for joining us. >> first question why are we seeing this now? what happened to trigger the decision not to run again? >> the first thing this is now 40 contraries in public service from marin supervisor to congress to being in the senate 40 years is a long-term. now the republicans control the senate she lot her chairmanships and it is a different context in washington dc and there have been a lot of speculation in was coming and maybe a little bit earlier than people anticipated but it seems like the right time the. >> critics say she does not have a last legislation to her name so how will history becomes judge her? >> first by how she was elected in in the nato which was historic in california the
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career of the woman her election was significant and she is a liberal vote in the house of representatives and the senate as chairman of the senate environmental committees and done a lot of work on keystone xl pipeline and preventing drilling in the national wildlife refuge and known for environmental issues primarily but mostly, as a reliably liberal vote in the senate. >> no shortage of democrats lined up to explore the idea. is michelle obama seriously? >> not by 2016, the timing doesn't make any sense. they do not have residence but if you look at the possible likely names, when democrats hold all the statewide offices and two-thirds of the legislative seats at the national level there are a lost candidates and a lot names speculated and the republicans are still lagging in california so the expectation is whoever comes out of a democratic primary will enlikely to hold the seat. >> who are most likely?
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>> the lt. governor pamela harris and the treasurer and former mayor of los angeles has been talked about and that leaves out steve leslie and other nonelected officials who have been speculated they could run for public office themselves so it is a long list and it will be interesting to see how a crowded democratic primary will play out in two years. >> does it feel like whoever doesn't run for senate will run if governor? >> that is the expectation the two big seats that are open. the governor's race is not for four years but a history the speculation between those two in san francisco there will be some shifting and one will presumably one for one and one for the other. >> that will keep you busy to come and talk with us. thank you. >> all of us. >> be sure to stay with abc7 throughout the day for most on
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boxer's decision and her legacy and we are also setting -- sending the latest developments on twitter. >> authorities in france are on high i letter still looking for the armed machine, brothers, accused of opening fire at a satirical french newspaper yesterday. a dozen people were killed. this is a look at the eiffel tower in paris at the base of the tower it is hard to see but the french military is deployed in the wake of the attack to make sure this national symbol is not in anyway affected. our reporter has the latest on this. >> today an expense manhunt for the two gunmen responsible for yesterday's deadly terror attack in paris. police closing in on an area northeast of the city after reports of a possible sighting 34-year-old and 32-year-old brother stormed into thes of of the satirical newspaper, "charlie hebdo" killing 12 people before making their
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escape. officials say that the brothers have tied to al-qaeda and appear to be highly trained. in 2005 the younger brother was featured in a documentary as an aspiring rapper convicted on terror charges that put him in prison for a year and a half and the accused 18-year-old accomplice turned himself in. police quoted him of the plot against "charlie hebdo" which was threatened and fire bombed in the past offer the controversial cartoons that al-qaeda leaders mocked the prophet mohammed. the editor among the dead told abc that he refused to be intimidated. >> in paris today, and around the globe mourning and signs of solidarity. >> i am charlie. i am charlie. this is a tragic event. wherever you are in the world. >> "charlie hebdo" publishers will release the issue on schedule and will present a
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million copies well more than ever before. one columnist calls it the ultimate sign that the terrorists did not win. we will have continuing coverage of the terror attack in paris on air and online with reporting continuing on twitter@abc7newsbayarea. >> four hope to bring the 2024 summer olympic games to town and are waiting for an announcement from the olympic committee. they could announce today which city it will pick and nominate as the american city to host the games. the pay writer is competing with house anxious boston, and washington dc. those organizing the bay area effort announced a bold change ahead of the expected announcement hosting the opening and closing ceremonies at a planned new stadium to be built in oakland. the city's newly elected mayor schaaf was beaching with joy. >> oakland is trying to build new sports stadiums and the
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timing could not be more perfect where this opportunity to build an olympic stadium with then create a permanent home for one of our sports teams most likely the raiders. >> if the usoc votes the decision will be this afternoon and we will bring it to you. >> we are a day and a half away from the close use of the golden gate bridge to install a movable median barrier and a look shows you can see it is cloudy over there. the bridge will close for 52 hours this weekend from 11:59 friday night until 4:00 a.m. on monday morning. during the closing, crews will be changed to operate the machinery to accommodate the commutes to prevent head-on collisions. >> the affordable care act could impact your tax refund and you can get free advice on filing your returns. >> and can a local push through
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>> help is available for people who are worried about the effect of obamacare on their cases and h&r is offering free advise. we of at h&r block. >> the act could have an impact on your tax return and people do
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not realize they have to pay up. >> it doesn't seem fair holiday season turns into tax season and this year could be painful. if you have no health insurance you will pay a penalty to the federal government. today tax service provider h&r block is holding a free question-and-answer day. >> we took 15 to 25 hours each of us, preparing for this so we are well prepared to talk to folks about the repercussions. >> a quarter of the clients will be impacted by the largest changes to the tax code in the past 20 years. the the affordable health care will offer you subsidies and penalties if you are not covered. it is not just a flat rate. when filing 2014 tax return you pay a minimum of $9 a per uncovered adult or 1 percent of the family income whichever is greater and it goes up next area
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do $325 or 2 percent of the family income in 2016 and beyond you pay $695 for adults or 2.5 percent of the family income. >> lesson is we need to get insured. >> if you are insured you may have to pay the federal government if you bought insurance and received a subsidy and the income went up you may have to pay subsidy back. if you want to avoid paying a penalty next year, you have to sign up for health insurance by february 15. thank you. the santa rosa mountain climber trying to free climb el capitan faces major challenges. jorgensen's hand injury is socy veer he has fallen off a section he has been trailing to scale eight times over two days and now is three sayses behind his partner caldwell and may have to give up so his partner can succeed. >> we wish him luck. we will check with meteorologist
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mike nicco after the commercial to talk about "spare the air" day. >> good morning from the to which the broadcast center where i am sitting in murky sunshine because of the high clouds and the tremendous uptick in pollution that is over the bay area right new. still waiting on the wind shift for clean air. >> thanks mike a new list ranks the healthiest cities in america and how the bay area stacks up against the competition.
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>> covering santa rosa
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berkeley, san jose and all the bay area, this is abc7 news. a study ranks the healthiest places in america and the bay area is near the top. san francisco and oakland came in at number two on the list with 83 percent of the city residents report taking part in physical activity at least once a month. san jose was number seven with the results pointing to 300 days of sunshine as a key factor for motivating residents it stay activity. boston topped the list if the second year in a row. >> we have sunshine again today but there are clouds attached. >> i thought you were going to sing a temperature faces song. >> meteorologist mike nicco has the forecast. >> sing loud enough so i can hear up here. >> i want to sing the pollution song. >> there is a lot especially in san rafael. you have the most plus this morning. it is about 40 points higher than this time yesterday. live doppler hd shows our light
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and wind is city blowing and we have mid-and-upper clouds moving in from the south capping the atmosphere and not letting it mix out so we are seeing such an increase in the last couple of hours of the pollution in the lower layer and still 48 in santa rosa and most of us in the mid-50's to increasely 60 and half moon bay is 59. yesterday at this time, you were about 72. here is a look from the east bay hills camera you can see the increase in the haze with high clouds and record highs are over pus of the dimmed sun and cooler and cleaner through the weekend and we have to wait for next friday for the next chance of rain. today, half moon bay drops 13 degrees at 64 and oakland and richmond the records highs of 71 and 70 become 65 and 62 today but, still, well above average. our temperatures will range if the let 60 from 64 at half moon bay to 6 a at san jose international airport and oakland and santa rosa and 60 in antioch and fairfield for the cool spots on the reverse,
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tonight, most of us are in the mid-40's to around 50 degrees. here is a look at would areas of low pressure trying to converge on the bay area and they both have minimal moisture but they are helping the high move away and the weak disturbances will bring us the increase in the cloud cover and cool the temperatures in the day and warm us at night with a few sprinkles are possible out of system but mostly as we head through tomorrow we could see break in the clouds as they open. tomorrow, it could be our 8th consecutive and 14th winter "spare the air" alert with the north bay and santa clara having the worst air quality and up to lake tahoe temperatures are well above the 43-degree average and the snow pack only 43 percent with no chance of rain in the forecast the next seven days and no chance of snow. our temperatures are finally back closer to average by sunday and monday. that is the upper 50's to low 60 . st
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coming up, legos are popular with children and paren testimonies but there are difficult friends between those sold here in the united states and across the globe. and travel clubs, "7 on your
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side" shows why you may want for think twice. >> a monkey and a baby from a very unlikely bond forming the bond six months ago. the baby was playing in india and the wild monkey came by to play and they have become nearly inseparable after initial reservations the parents decided to adopt the monkey. locals report that the monkey is like a mother to the baby girl so a lovely babysitter for the little girl. >> look at that. one of the parents is trying to take the baby away. >> don't do what the monkey does climbing a tree. that would be dangerous. >> thanks for joining us. >> would wants to be a millionaire is
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